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The Elwing Abridged Dictionary


-ance (ens) suffix 2 the quality or state of being

de- (di) prefix 3 wholly, entirely

deLiverance (di liv er ens) n. 1. the quality or state of being entirely Liver. 

                        (new usage) (See photo for example.)

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  • Hailey is my always ready dog.  She is afraid she might miss something, so she keeps alert.  No butterfly has ever escaped her attention!

  • Hailey finished her championship at the Trenton KC 2001 show in early May, under breeder-judge Frank Washabaugh.

  • A special "Thank You!" to handler Patty Crowley (who showed her to that final major) and to Hailey's breeders, Steve and Sharon Dattilio.

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